Q. Is a timing belt the same as a cambelt?

A. They are both the same.

Q. How do I know if a timing belt is fitted to my vehicle?

A. Search for your car on our handy timing belt search here.

Q. When should I replace my timing belt?

A. Timing belts should be replaced at certain mileage or time intervals. This could be anything from 50,000 miles up to 100,000 miles or 5 years. Use our FREE timing belt search to check when yours is due here.

Q. What would happen if my timing belt snapped?

A. Your engine would stop immediately

Q. Are there any warning signs that a timing belt is about to snap?

A. The simple answer is no, but if you hear any unusual noises coming from your engine, don't ignore it, get it checked out.

Q. If my timing belt snaps will it damage my engine.

A. Yes! Timing belts are connected to the camshaft and the crankshaft, when the belt snaps the turning momentum of the crankshaft that the pistons are attached to will hit the valves in the cylinder head and seriously damage your engine.

Q. Will I have to have a new engine fitted?

A. In extreme cases the engine may be damaged beyond repair but sometimes the damage can be repaired.

Q.What has to be done to repair an engine that has suffered from a snapped timing belt?

A. The cylinder head has to be removed from the engine block and the valves are stripped from the head. The valve guides are inspected for cracks and replaced if necessary. The damaged valves are replaced and the cylinder head is rebuilt fitting new valve steam oil seals. It is then fitted back onto the engine block using a new head gasket and timing belt.

Q. What can be done to avoid my timing belt snapping?

A. Simply have a new timing belt fitted.

Q. I've just bought a new car but the previous owner didn't know if the belt had been replaced. What should I do?

A. If in ANY doubt whatsoever just fit a new timing belt.

Q. Can't I just get it checked to see if it needs changing?

A. You can however on many cars it can take as much time to strip it down to check the belt as it does to change it.

Q. My timing belt looks new and still has clear writing on it, will I be OK to leave it?

A. That is entirely your choice, but the best policy is to get it changed at your manufacturer defined intervals. Search for yours here.