The right people for the job

When it comes to a cambelt change, its a big decision for the motorist to make as it cannot be ignored. As car servicing goes, it is the most important serviceable item on the engine emphasising the fact that the cambelt should be changed when it is due.

If the cambelt is not changed when it should be, you risk the chance of the belt snapping and damaging the engine, often resulting in hundreds of pounds in repairs or the car being written off.

So who can carry out the service? We recommend researching in your local area for a specialist cambelt/timing belt garage or mechanic. It is a specialised job as if the belt is replaced incorrectly it can affect the timing of your engine and cause the engine not to run right. Also, due to the location of some cambelts in the engine, it requires the removal of other engine parts and sometimes even front bumpers.

Deciding who to use for your cambelt replacement is an important task. Always ask the garage if they have replaced cambelts on your car model before and ask for a price up front before work begins. Replacing a timing belt/cambelt is often very labour intensive and some garages may turn the work down because of this fact.

Finding a reputable specialist garage is often your best bet. They usually have the same tools and technology to fix your car as main dealers have at a fraction of the cost. However, replacing your cambelt at a main dealer is an option albeit a costly one. This does have benefits though. You then have the reassurance that the manufacturer has completed an extremely important job with skilled technicians carrying out the work. Also, when selling your car it helps tremendously if it has full main dealer history especially when it comes to cambelt changes.

Weigh up the cost of the service with these facts and make a decision based upon your budget and age/value of your car.