Important Notice

update Article set Body = 'When buying a second hand car we recommend that you should always check when the timing belt/cambelt is due and it has been changed already.

To find the cambelt change interval for a car you are considering purchasing try out our quick search.

Within the second hand car market especially for models over four years old, it is more desirable if the cambelt has been changed. This is mainly due to the fact it will save you servicing costs in the future. The average cost of changing a cambelt is approximately £300 but some maybe a lot more depending on the model.

When looking at the service book for the car you are considering buying, flick to the service record pages that should be stamped by a garage for every service the car has had. Within each of the service blocks in the book there should be a tick box to indicate that the cambelt has been changed. Wording maybe something along the lines of "toothed belt replaced" or "cambelt/timing belt replaced".

This should give some reassurance that the cambelt has been changed. However, as it only requires a tick in the box and can be quite easily forged, we recommend calling the garage that carried out the work to see if they have any record of the cambelt change.

As cambelts are quite well hidden behind plastic casing or in intricate parts of the engine they are very hard to physically identify if the have been changed. Calling a garage and finding out first hand from their database is the best way to put your mind at rest and save you hassle and cash in the future.