About Us

MyTimingBelt.com provides a free search facility for users to find out when their timing belt/ cambelt is due. We aim to provide an answer for every vehicle on the road using manufacturer’s recommendations so that users can find out data for their vehicle quickly and easily.

When it comes to timing belts/cambelts there are huge margins for error. Intervals can vary from 30,000 miles right through to 150,000 miles for some models so the scope for a potential snap is massive if the correct interval isn’t known.

We aim to answer questions such as the following; does my car have a timingbelt/cambelt? When does my timingbelt/cambelt need changing? Do I really have to change my timingbelt/cambelt? What is the mileage interval that my timingbelt/cambelt is due? Do I have to change my timingbelt/ cambelt after a certain number of years?

These questions were commonplace within the car servicing world before MyTimingBelt.com came along. We are the independent timingbelt/cambelt specialists that offer a free advice service to motorists to help them avoid one of the most expensive breakdowns that can be imagined if a timing belt/cambelt snaps. Often, this results in a new engine costing thousands of pounds.

So let us provide some clarity upon a subject that was previously seen as a bit of a grey area so you can relax, safe in the knowledge that you can plan this major service in advance and not be caught unawares if you unknowingly exceed the recommended interval for your car.